phantom keystroker:

Phantom Keystroker


As an April Fool’s Day prank we decided to equip a co-workers computer with the Phantom Keystroker

They have quite a few great prank products but we thought this one would be quite special. And we were right! This thing is small and connects to a computer via USB so its hard to see it just sitting behind a large desktop computer (or a monitor if your monitor has USB ports).

What it does… well, what it did!
It randomly moves the cursor around the screen so it makes you think that your mouse is not quite working right. It will also randomly type! And not only does it type gibberish but it also has a conversation with you! It would play the role of “lonely computer” and it would sometimes ask you to “get me a friend” or “why don’t you play with me anymore?”

This joke continued for about a day before he finally broke down and we had to uncover the prank. It was defiantly worth the small cost for the big laughs in the office!

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